Friday, 28 June 2013

How to clean the kettle

clean kettle
Sick of those flakes of limescale in your tea? descale your kettle using citric acid. Just pour half a sachet into the kettle with some water (I recommend enough to cover up to and over the line of scale at the bottom of the kettle). Boil. Swivel kettle. Pour out. rinse with cold water. Fill kettle again with cold water. Boil. Discard. Fill kettle again with cold water. Boil and discard. This should be enough. You can rinse again. But do remember that citric acid is not harmful when ingested - it is after all using in jam-making and drinks (i.e. home-made elderflower presse).

citric acid

You can buy citric acid from the supermarket chemist - but, they will interrogate you as to your drug-using habits, and once they have ascertained that you are not on cocaine, they will only sell you one pot. Save yourself the hassle and buy it in an ethnic store - where you can buy as much as you like and more cheaply.

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